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Applications of Convex Mirror Technology As Part Of Security System

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Today, convex mirror technology has variety of uses, but most of these are into the security system. 

Convex Mirror Technology is suitable for outdoor and indoor use in shops and establishments to prevent theft from entering.  They are also usually placed in locations where vehicles are risks of conflicts from blind corners and in places with difficult or limited visibility. Source to know more about Security Mirrors – Safety Mirrors from Insight Security.

Convex Mirror Technology:  What does it made?

The mirrors are made of special polyester that resists shock and keeps for a long time in a reflective surface.  It comes in two designs: for outdoor and indoor uses and in wide variety of sizes for each application depending on the distance and of course the field of vision necessary for the area.

Such technology is supported with base that is attached on the wall (for interior mirrors) or for mounting on posts (for outdoor uses).  The said technology is known in traffic mirror, security mirror, and inspection mirror, unbreakable convex mirror, parabolic mirror, and curved mirror.

Applications of Convex Mirror Technology

  • Convex mirrors are made to view surfaces uncovered by some cameras and are both used in indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Convex Mirror Technology is used as safety devices on warehouses and factories, installed in obscured intersections, or on complex crossings.
  • Traffic mirrors are great in solving many traffic issues and prevent accidents.
  • Great for elevators and tight spaces.
  • Ideal for parking spaces, shops, stores, establishments, booths etc to help improve safety and prevention of theft.
  • Convex mirrors let motorists see around a corner, especially at parking, garages and even internal lanes.
  • Convex mirror technology is used in occupational health applications, providing safe working environment.
  • Improves safety at home and even in commercial applications.