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Genie Bath Systems

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Have you ever heard about this bathroom remodeling company? It is a corporation that offers one of the best remodeling solutions to homeowners in San Antonio, Texas. This group provides the impeccable bathtub surrounds, shower accessories and replacement tubs that are ideal in creating the most stylish and beautiful bathroom.

Do you know that Genie bathtubs can also be used by elderly people who suffer from arthritis and Parkinson’s syndrome? This feature makes it the best bathroom remodeling solution for nursing homes. On top of that, this company is affordable and offers excellent value for your money since you will receive the best-customized bathrooms and showers.

The team of professionals present in the company assists in the evaluation of the cheapest and functional components of your bathroom. You can find more details on bath systems on the site geniebathsystems.

What to Evaluate Before Remodeling?

As a homeowner, you should carefully evaluate functionality you desire before making a decision about the system you want. Some of the aspects that you need to look into include:

The Lighting

Try using sunken light fittings that light up the room throughout your ceiling. Installation of a dimmer switch that regulates lights aids in setting up different moods in the bathroom. Furthermore, a bathroom mirror should also have lighting that helps in make-up application and shaving off your facial hair.

Plumbing fixtures

Most bathrooms have 1.5” pipes that are easily clogged by hair and other stuff. Therefore, you should install larger pipes (preferably 2”) that are less likely to block. Also, you should ensure that your water supply pipes are not chased along the wall if you live in areas where temperatures drop below the freezing point.

The nature of the floor

The shower floors tiles should be smaller to allow proper sloping of the floor and better traction. Large tiles should be well-textured to avoid slipping of the users.


The overall system should be able to remove the bad odor that comes from water closets. Proper ventilation reduces the accumulation of mildew that clogs the system.