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Dimitri Zafirov Takes Digital Art To A New Level

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The difference between artwork on canvas and digital art

What differentiates real and authentic artwork on canvas from a digitally created art? There’s actually a huge difference when it comes to ways of conveying, the emotion and somehow that spiritual force from a particular artistic work.

The artwork in canvas processes its animation by the way the artist displayed it on canvas. Their combination of colors by mood and intensity and the texture of its display are some of the considerations. Everything that you see on an artistic canvas is irreplaceable. The strokes of a remarkable artist are difficult to duplicate. That’s what makes it unique.

The animation of digital art is different due to the fact that it can be animated into moving pictures. Unlike the artwork in a canvas that is constant and steady, the digital art piece can be modified to create a GIF file, short animation, and even a short movie. DimitriZafirov teaches artists in this particular area. If you want to get more details about digital art, you may visit on

The next level animation and its use

Next level animation can be created for short films or movies. It is also very useful for presentations and other purposes. Architects, engineers, inventors, and project managers often times find this very useful in their presentations. Here they can show different levels of their plan, turning it from one dimension to another.

Next level animation also helps in editing videos or adding different values in your film. Artists can put labels on videos or arrange details to provide a desirable impact on the film.

Websites and businesses would also love to have the short animated effect of digital art. This will help make their business site more attractive to its visitors. It will also show their creativity and originality. It is essential to help distinguish their products or services, among others.